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Annoying maneuvering at the parking garage exit has now come to an end - with the parking ticket holder Picket you always going well!

Parking - With PICKET

Who does not know this problem? When driving out of the parking garage is impossible to the right approach to the ticket counter, one is just too small to get to the right machine or you have too much distance and it would not ruin the rims.

With the parking ticket holder PICKET this is no longer a problem from now on. With its handy size, it can always be stowed away in the car and comes so quickly to use it.

The best thing right after paying the parking fee and getting into the car, put the parking ticket in the picket and lie in the car ready to hand. When driving off at the parking barrier, use the PICKET to push the parking ticket into the machine. You are no longer to have to hang out acrobatically from the window or find the optimal position by maneuvering.

PICKET as an advertising product

The PICKET is an ideal promotional item for companies. Every driver knows the problem and usually was in such a situation themselves. As an advertising medium with your company logo and advertising imprint, the PICKET is a good promotional product, with high utility value. For all kinds of event, such as trade fairs, events, open days, promotion, the PICKET is ideally suited.

Technical Description

The picket is made of a break-proof ABS. It can be produced in all common colors. With the specially designed for parking tickets recording, the parking ticket can be clamped in the PICKET.


  • Avoids damage to the car
  • Prevents accidents
  • No more unnecessary moving
  • Simply overcome the distance
  • No more unpleasant moments in front of the parking barrier

Picket as an excellent advertising media

  • Unique in the market
  • Available in different colors
  • Individual design

The parking ticket holder - Picket is only available for a larger purchase quantity. Price is on request. Are you interested? Please feel free to contact us.





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