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Tool Holder Locking Device SK40/BT40

Tool Assembly Aid


Tool Holder Locking Device SK40/BT40 is an innovative development designed product specifically to meet the needs of modern manufacturing. The Equip SK40 / BT40 assembly aid guarantees the easiest handling and safe installation of all tool holders SK40 and BT40. To protect very expensive tool holder, are spared during assembly. The consistent design in high-tech plastic, will not damage the expensive tool holder.

Technical Characteristics

The Tool Holder Locking Device Equip SK40/BT40 has been developed and calculated on state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems. For the almost indestructible equip, a novel fiber-reinforced polyamide material was used. Two lugs integrated in the Equip SK40/BT40 secure the tool holder and prevent it from twisting.


Tool Holder Locking Device Equip SK40/BT40 can be attached to any workbench with the appropriate screws. It can be used immediately after installation and also be used vertically and horizontally, allowing a very comfortable assembly of tools and pull studs. The Equip has a secure fit and is additionally held in place by 4 high-performance magnets.

A specially developed stand-alone system, allows Tool Holder Locking Device Equip SK40/BT40 to be mounted directly on the ground. The additional tool tray allows the storage of assembly tools as well. Tool Holder Locking Device Equip SK40/BT40 can be placed anywhere in the workshop.


10 years warranty for the longevity of the Tool Holder Locking Device Equip SK40/BT40. Should there be a defect, you will receive a free replacement immediately.


  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Very easy handling
  • No damage to expensive tools
  • Excellent stability
  • Assembly on every workbench
  • Low investment costs
  • Tool can be mounted horizontally and vertically
  • With 4 retainer magnets in the horizontal socket (security!)
  • Unlimited warranty on breakage

Technical Specifications

  • Material: fiber reinforced polyamide
  • SK40 recording in horizontal and vertical position
  • Color: yellow
  • Assembly on the workbench


Measurements and Weight



Width 150 mm
Height 120 mm
Weight 520 g
Price 99,- €


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