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Skimmy Compact

Oil Skimmers

Leak Oils

Floating leak oils in cooling emulsions cause deposits on machines or workpieces and reduce cooling performance in the machining process. Furthermore, leaking oils promote the growth of bacteria responsible for skin diseases. Our skimmer Skimmy Compact helps to remedy this.


  • Elimination of the leak oil by means of an oil-conveying special belt
  • Circulation of the cooling emulsion by rotating impeller
  • Quick and easy installation, due to compact design
  • Stainless steel components
  • Good quality with valued price
  • Use in milling machines, lathes, etc.

Technical Specifications

  • Connection with 220V
  • Band width 30mm
  • Band width 30mm

Measurements and Weight

Length 340 mm
Width 150 mm
Height 120 mm
Depth 120 mm
Price  470,- €


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