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Please click as below the brochure of Tool Holder Locking Devices Equip SK40/BT40 in EN English and CN Chinese version:

Tool Holder Locking Devices SK40_EN

Thank you for your interest in Equip SK40/BT40 and we look forward to the opportunity to cooperate with you.


Tecxellent GmbH - New Company Building

Since 1st August 2019, Tecxellent GmbH has been relocated in the new place. Am Giener 33 in 55268 Nieder-Olm. The new company building comprises around 1,000 square meters of factory and 350 square meters of office, with the most modern facilities. The 85 kWp solar system ensures sustainable production. All factory and office rooms were equipped with LED lights to ensure a bright workplace. To ensure optimal working conditions, we have set up air-conditioning in all rooms. We look forward to your visit.

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24 hours production - fully automatic 5-axis machining center

In order to meet the constantly increasing demands of our customers for complex components with short delivery times, Tecxellent GmbH invested in a new fully automatic 5-axis machining center with a 20-fold parts magazine in September 2020. With this investment we are able to manufacture very complex components in 24/7 shifts and with a very high precision level. Hwacheon 5-axis machining center with fully automatic 20-fold parts.

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